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Browser Version: 59.0.3071

Operating System: Linux

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Bug Type: Typo
Status: closed
Added on: June 15, 2017, 12:03 p.m.




OCR Results:

OWASP Code Sprint 2017 - OWASP - Google Chrome G india vs b X G system-\ X 0 tictactoer V D Tic-Tat-T( x O PeuoIn/c x O OWASP( x O view-soul x O OWASP( x 6 C' l 0 Secure l http5://$print72017#Timeplan fl Eu 0 a tau 0 o In any case. the program‘s administrators should perform a final review of the selected proposals to ensure that they are of high quality. If concerns arise they should request additional information from project leaders. Phase 4: Coding. This is the main phase of the program. Students implement their proposal according to the submitted timeplan and under the supervision of their mentors. Evaluations In the middle of the coding period. mentors should submit an evaluation of their students to ensure that they are on track and provide some feedback both to OWASP and the students. If nollittle progress has been made up to this point, the mentors could decide to fail the student in which case the student does not receive money. If successful, OWASP will pay half the amount ($750). The final evaluations are submitted at the end of the coding period and the second installment ($750) is paid to the student if all agreed deliverables are met. lithe student has failed to demonstrate progress during the second period. then the second installment will not he paid and the student will get only half of the amount. Deadlines Program announcement: May 15, 2017 Deadline for Suident Applications: June 15, 2015 Proposal Evaluations: from: June 15 mm June 23 2017 Successful proposals announcement: June 26. 2017 Bonding Period Announcement: June 26. 2017 - July 1. 2017 Coding Period Starts: July 3, 2017 Mid-term evaluations: Submitted from :July 31, 2017 thru August 4, 2017 Coding Period Re-stans: August 7. 2017 Coding period ends: September 1‘ 2017 Final evaluations:$eptember 4, 2017 thni September 8, 2017 Mailing List Please subscribe to the following mailing list to receive updates or ask any particular questions: OWASP Code Sprint 2017 Mailing LIE“?


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