Bug on Fb - zsssxz
Domain: http://www.fb.com
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Reported on fb.com

Total # of issues reported = 1

Reported by hellow

Total Points of hellow = None

Browser Version: 55.0.2883

Operating System: Linux

OS Version:

Bug Type: Typo
Status: open
Added on: June 14, 2017, 3 p.m.


OCR Results:

1 uhumunnrrorl x D mlrrarwalaasx x 1 nnrrorlmleum x l Pramanretnnr x D imiexouuhunr x D imiexouuhunr x D marvotroumi x (ommandhne x ‘Al 7 Q X ‘3‘ ~ <_ C \(D mlrror.wala.a5n.au’ubunmsreleases’w o4 stoma: nrrnl 1erminal _ + x we EdR View seem: rermmel Tabs Help Terminal x Termmal x Ster/Judge/Judge.pv Resulving raw.githuhusercuntent.cum rrav.gitnunusercuntent.cunv . .. 33 Cunnecting tn raw.githuhusercuntent.cum rrav.gitnunusercuntent.cunv|151.1ai.1aa. 133|:443... cunnected. HTrP reguest sent, aw ting respunse. Lengtn: 14753 (mi [text/plain] saving t Judge.pv.1Z' 151.151.1aa.1 255 UK .495 1mm »] 14,753 r in 8.885 2517751755 81:88:46 (152 KB/SV : ‘Judge.pv.ll' saved [14753/14753] - Retrieving Release Retrieving Release.gpg checking Release signature . Valid Release Signature (key id 638239“:138E1A7FDE1AZ75148976EAF437DGSBSV Retrieving Packages Validating Packages : Resulving dependencies uf reguireg packages.. Resulving dependencies at base packages cnecking cumpunent main an http /archive.uhuntu.cum/uhuntu.. ' Retrieving adduSer 3.113uhuntul Validating adduSer 3.113uhuntul


jajodiaraghav  commented  
6 years, 2 months ago