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Total # of issues reported = 2

Reported by bkimminich

Total Points of bkimminich = 3

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Bug Type: General
Status: open
Added on: Oct. 22, 2016, 9:09 p.m.
Github URL: None
Github Issues URL: None/issues




OCR Results:

FrmII Mew HE folgen ,o OompuIerSonware I no MIIarpeIIer a Open Source Initiative (OSI) I IIKnicompanyinumJoHowers : v "9‘" 52L” Start Open source Is a deveIopnIenI nIeInod Iorsonware InaI narnesses Ine power oI dIsInpuIed peer rewew so slnd Sle vemunden and Irarsparency oI process Tne pronIIse oI open source Is penerquaIIIy. nIgner reIIapIIIIy. more flex‘b‘hiy. IowercosI. and an end Io predanry vendor \ockrm II depends on Ine IIpenIes deIIvered pry open source hcemes Tne Open Source InIIIaIIve (OSII Is a nonprom corporaIIon Ionned Io educaIe aboul and advocaIe Ior Ine peneIIIs oI open source and lo puIId hndges among dIIIerenI corsIIIuencIes In Ine opensource Iconnededneguew"dawidegree I €°"'"'“""V IconneeIednessJoIaI ' One oI our mosI ImponanI aclwmes Is as a sIandards body. nIaInIaInIng Ine Open Source DeIInIIIon Ior AHe anzeIgen r Ine good oI Ine conInIunIIy Tne Open Source InIIIaIIve Approved LIceme trademark and program creaIes a nexus oI Irusl around my. deveIopers. users. corporalIors and governmenIs can organIze onerrsource coonerai‘on wemere znqesehene semen Spun. gehiete Fvee and Open Source Sonware IIeensIng Wehseite Branche Typ nIIpIIopensouroe org CompuIerSoIIware cemeInnuIng engroue Grundungsdmum Hn MIIarpeIIer 1999 Gewirmen Sle exklusive Einbllcke In Open Source — Inifialive (osn


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