Bug on Hackerrank - Something went wrong!

Domain: https://www.hackerrank.com/
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Reported on hackerrank.com

Total # of issues reported = 1

Reported by dchennaraidu

Total Points of dchennaraidu = 4

Browser Version: 53.0

Operating System: Ubuntu

OS Version:

Bug Type: General
Status: closed
Added on: Sept. 2, 2017, 2:37 p.m.


OCR Results:

tfl'u- ha(kerrank.(nm C O HackerRank It looks like something went wrong! We uack mese errors autumallcally and wm take me applapnale acuan. Please Iry agam soon and. «me Issue pevslsls. cunlaclsuppanand we would be happy 10 aSSISL HackelRank Suppon


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