Bug on Mass-Promo - Phone number cut off on top mobile

Domain: http://Www.mass-promo.com
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Reported on mass-promo.com

Total # of issues reported = 1

Reported by howard

Total Points of howard = 609

Browser Version: 60.0.3112

Operating System: iOS

OS Version: 10.3.3

Bug Type: Design
Status: open
Added on: Aug. 17, 2017, 3:02 a.m.


OCR Results:

"3 11:00 PM 19% :1' 6 www.mass-promo.com nun Minn a IIIIIII/IllI/IIIIJ' [III I! M fill/lI/IIII/V 1785875157 FRIENDLY , QUALITY RELIABLE rR1r\m~ economicafFF‘fi‘iEN SERVICE FAST! Welcome To Mass Promo} Greetings: Thank you tor considering Mass Promo as a potential promotionai products supplier ior your next event. Promotional items are an exceiient way to promote your business, expose your logo or establisn and improve brand recognition Located in Westohester County NY Mass Promo is an amiiated distiinutar wrtnm tne promotional products industry Do not hesitate to compare pricing and piease can us it you find a better deal An and Design is FREE with any paid older’ Can a saies representative With any inquiries you may have about our company and products. It you don't 503 it. ASK Mass Promo is customer service-oriented and we iook toward to making your event a success or to simpiy tuliiii your everyday business needs Whethet you manage an office, run a restaurant, or co-ordinate the pep raily, Mass Promo Will have a customizable product tor you Call us! with tne greatest sincerity Chlisllan A Raflopol, Presuienli Mass Promo , i ii_ ire Tall Free (ass) 515-5640 Email: inlo@mass—promascom Customer Service & Sales (914) 304-5191 Email: sales@mass- pramtumm An Department: aI1@mass-promo.com


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