Bug on Bugheist - it is showing that a bug from the above website exists but on opening the url there is no bug from that website

Domain: https://www.bugheist.com/report/
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Reported on bugheist.com

Total # of issues reported = 140

Reported by rajat

Total Points of rajat = 3

Browser Version: 59.0.3071

Operating System: Linux

OS Version:

Bug Type: Functional
Status: open
Added on: July 22, 2017, 3:59 p.m.


OCR Results:

Bughe‘wsl-coogle Chrome (a PA] q Addtochrome Somal ReporlBug EugHunt .raJaLmPtsjv BugHeCst Report a bug www.cwasp.(nm (he(k for Dupneares Bugs already exrsr on [ms dnmaln. ensure you are nm Suhrmmng a dupncare bug by going here: www.mgnersmmmgmarn/owasp.com Report Bug 9+3


jajodiaraghav  commented  
1 year, 11 months ago
@goyal-sidd Please have a look