Bug on Quizful - 1) Navigate http://www.quizful.net/interview/qa/requirements-traceability-matrix 2) Zoom in the page (over 75%) 3) Look at the header of the article Heading symbols overlap when a user zooms in the page.

Domain: http://www.quizful.net
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Reported on quizful.net

Total # of issues reported = 1

Reported by jules

Total Points of jules = 6

Browser Version: 56.0.2924

Operating System: Windows

OS Version: 7

Bug Type: General
Status: open
Added on: March 31, 2017, 12:16 p.m.


OCR Results:

mam aapechpwpoaaTbcil K ccvaam, maan M naBHan QA/ FIOHFITl/le manMLia COOTBeTCTBI/m Tpe6OBaHVII7I (Requirements hm poeKTe Follow @Quizful at Twitter ZFrageuabHfiy—Matnx) Amp: yohan Try English version of Bonpoc QUiZfUl l'loHsime Manama cooTBeTcnaMn Tpeéoaannfi (Requirements Traceability Matrix) 5: OTBeT Manwiua CODTBeTCTBMfl TpeGOBaHMVI - 3m ,qayMepHasi 1a6nm4a. coqepmauian coo’raerrcane qayHKuVIoHaanbix 1pefioaaHVn7| (lunctional requirements) nponyma M HDAIDTDEneHHbIX TeCTDEbIX cueHapMea (test cases). B aaronoBKax KQHOHDK 'rafinvlubi pacnonomeHbi TpeGOBaHMn, a a JBIOIIOBKBX c'rpoK - TeC‘I'OBble cueHapMm. Ha nepeceueHMM - o'rMe1Ka, osnauaiouian. we 1pefioaaime TeKymefi Konon I'IDKpbiTO TeC‘I'OBbIM cueHapMeM Texyuieii c'rpom. PamaeM fiecnnamble Q! nonpofiuocm a rpynne QuizfulAlpha-lest I'IapTHepr « Ma1pV|L|a CODTBeTEEI’lfi 1pefioaaHMM Vicnonbsyemfi QA-IMDKeHepaMM AM EanMAauMM noKpbimsi nponyk'ra U TecraMVI. MCT fiBrlfieTEfi HeDTheMneMOVI uacrbla 1en—nnaHa. Ecnm BaM I'IOHpaBl/IJ'ICR Eonpoc, nporonocyme 3a Hero FonocoB 26 ronocoaan,


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