Bug on Toolswatch - Bugheist / OWASP BLT was not mentioned after being voted for.
Domain: http://www.toolswatch.org/2017/02/2016-top-security-tools-as-voted-by-toolswatch-org-readers/
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Reported on toolswatch.org

Total # of issues reported = 3

Reported by howard

Total Points of howard = 612

Browser Version: 56.0.2924

Operating System: iOS

OS Version: 10.2.1

Bug Type: General
Status: closed
Added on: Feb. 14, 2017, 4:29 p.m.


OCR Results:

ooooo ? www.toolswatch.org Besides the Top 10, voters have mentioned the following tools (not sorted) and some made very decent scores 11:28 AM OWASP Dependency OWASPJoomScan ModSecurity Android Tamer BeeF PEStudio BloodHound WPscan WSSAT Shelter AV Invasion Responder Needle 4 82% E]' u-


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