Bug on Novaposhta - No user information in English
Domain: https://novaposhta.ua/en/biznes_klientam/documents_for_begin_korp
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Reported on novaposhta.ua

Total # of issues reported = 3

Reported by m.skorohod

Total Points of m.skorohod = 10

Browser Version: 54.0.2840

Operating System: Windows

OS Version: 7

Bug Type: General
Status: open
Added on: Dec. 5, 2016, 3:36 p.m.


OCR Results:

b 4:» HOBA I'lOIJJTA C YKp Pyc Eng Custumer suppon cemer Abom For vaaxe Cusmmevs Far Busmess Customers Inlemanunal delwy Depots Mam / Documems xo mmaxe coopeva‘mn Documents to mmate cooperatwon lJoKvMeH‘nA m nouszv cmarlnam K®<9®Im ‘o annluad me meme epphcancn lor Hogan Qaapad um API Customer Suppon 2005720 Cnnracts Track Cost Bf dehvery Dewey) 1‘ mes Newest branch Wovk schedme P‘ckup 16 Nuva Pusma LLC


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