Bug on Sociusigb - Test Environment: Windows 7 x64 - Firefox – 49.0.2 Summary & Steps to reproduce 1.Launch : http://mealsforus.sociusigb.com 2. Click on Sign Up button from top nav. 3.When user clicks again on Login from top nav. Popup is loaded with two options to retrieve password one on top with error/alert click on Lost your Password link it will open new page instead of popup as opened in case user clicks on Forgot Password link at bottom 4.Please see attached image

Domain: http://mealsforus.sociusigb.com
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Reported on sociusigb.com

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Reported by hassan

Total Points of hassan = 9

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Bug Type: General
Status: open
Added on: Nov. 13, 2016, 6:27 p.m.


OCR Results:

MEALS Fun US RESET PASSWORD Home > Reset Password RESET PASSWORD 92mm! A Hm Hm ma


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